BrainLit – new CEO

Niclas Olsson.

As of May 2, Niclas Möttus Olsson is the new CEO for BrainLit, the company behind BioCentric Lighting™. Niclas has a very extensive international experience mainly from the Life Science and the Health Care business. He has held executive positions in Asia and the USA and moved recently back to Sweden with his family.

‘BrainLit is still a young company with a very promising future lying ahead. To step up and make BrainLit truly international we looked for a twenty-first-century leader with documented sales & marketing experience along with an extensive international network, when our current CEO Ofelia Madsen decided to leave. When Niclas name came up, we really thought it was a perfect match,’ says Mats Leifland chairman of the board at BrainLit.

‘To take on the challenge and make BrainLit a global company, was just an offer far too tempting to reject’ says Niclas. ‘BrainLit has such a great potential to become the global leader in the industry and can help people to feel better and to hold back several of the modern world illnesses’ Niclas continues.

BrainLit started off in 2015 and has several successful installations at schools, in hospitals, in conference rooms et al. and has recently started its international expansion through the installation at the Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong.

‘We have very high aspirations with BrainLit, and with Niclas at the helm, I’m positive we’ll develop as we hope and will reach our ambitious growth targets’ finishes Mats.

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