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Young student holding books


Lighting plays a key role in helping to create an efficient and comfortable learning environment. Biocentric lighting can help ensure students reach their full potential.  A field study from a Biocentric lighting installation at a school in Denmark showed a 12% improvement in math test results. 

Sleep problems and delayed sleep rhythms are common among children and young adults. A thesis from Lund University investigated sleep quality among school teenagers who were exposed to Biocentric lighting compared to standard lighting. Sleep was improved in the group with Biocentric lighting – with fewer nightly awakenings compared to the group with standard lighting.

Young student holding books
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The lighting environment can have a significantly positive effect on the entire guest experience. By offering guests and staff the opportunity to adapt their light environment, you can tailor to unique needs of individuals within the same premises.  For example, Alven can be placed in common areas such as lobbies, receptions and lounges to offer guests “boost” or “relax” sessions to get them through their day. Furthermore, the system can help alleviate jetlag for guests travelling far and wide. At Grand Hotel in Lund, Biocentric lighting helps conference guests stay alert during their meetings.

Retail environment with BioCentric Lighting


The retail world is going through an enormous change. Now more than ever, the focus is on creating unique and efficient shopping experiences. Lighting must create conditions that motivate staff and promote health, while also supporting the customer experience.

We recommend finding a customized solution for your business needs and facility requirements. 

Retail environment with BioCentric Lighting