We deliver healthy and safe environments using light. Our solutions can be used for instant sanitary purposes or to support long term health and wellbeing.

With Biocentric lighting, we bring daylight indoors. Whether you are a global enterprise or a small organisation, we offer a solution to fit your needs.

Biocentric lighting


Customized solutions from BrainLit are designed according to your needs and requirements. The lighting design is adapted to the surroundings and each solution comes with unique light recipes for the users.

With our sets you will get Biocentric lighting for a specific space or an entire room. The sets contain light recipes customized for the users. In addition, the sets are easy to expand and easy to install.


Our free-standing solution Alven makes Biocentric lighting available wherever you need it. Simply plug it in and enjoy the light, or use the app to give yourself a boost.

Disinfection lighting

With disinfection lighting using UV-C, we can quickly, safely and automatically disinfect both air and surfaces to create a safe and healthy environment.

Disinfection lighting

Using our solution UVen, unoccupied areas are exposed to UV-C light for disinfection.