BrainLit brings lighting for health to Finland

BrainLit AB - Construction worker

Dan Löfgren (BrainLit AB), Katja Aalto (Innovation House), Peter K Andersson (BrainLit AB), Marcus Wahlberg (BrainLit AB) and Kalle Söderholm (BrainLit Oy) pictured in the new premises of Innovation House in i Helsinki.

The Swedish leading technology innovator within light, BrainLit, establishes a subsidiary in Finland as part of its ambition to make biocentric lighting, BCL™, available globally. The first client is Innovation House, a progressive Finnish business offering coworking spaces and business homes in Finland, Singapore and Los Angeles.

The interest in light for health is growing. BrainLit supplies a system that provides biocentric lighting, a patented concept for light that mimics natural daylight to benefit health and wellbeing. By improved quality of sleep, biocentric lighting is also improving our immune system that is particularly important in times of virus epidemic. Today, we spend much less time in daylight than the ten thousand generations of mankind that came before us. This is currently enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic that causes the world to self-isolate with limited ability to leave the house.

BrainLit Oy is now established in Helsinki to tap the potential of the Finnish market in general, with sports as the target segment globally. Innovation House is their first client and their coworking facilities will act as a showroom for biocentric lighting.

– We expect the Finnish market to be particularly interesting for biocentric lighting, building on the Scandinavian focus on health and wellbeing. With Innovation House in Helsinki as our first client, we have the perfect platform to grow from, says Kalle Söderholm, Managing Director at BrainLit Oy.

– Innovation House is a melting pot for sales, wellbeing, design and networking with a holistic approach. We expect BrainLit’s biocentric lighting to bring both health and energy to the members of our community, says Katja Aalto, founder of Innovation House together with Petra Erätuli-Kola.

– We’re focusing on the Finnish market, but also aim at targeting the sports segment globally. Test sites show that biocentric lighting has a great positive effect on athletes’ performance and we are already in interesting talks with both clubs and venue owners in different countries on how we can make a difference for them, says Mika Sulin, chairman of BrainLit Oy and with a solid background in sports as a hockey player, CEO of the Helsinki team Jokerit, CEO of Hartwall Arena, General Manager of Nike Central & Eastern Europe and Secretary General of Finnish Olympic Committee. He has also been in charge of developing and constructing more than ten arena projects all over the globe.

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to research on circadian rhythms, explaining how people optimize their physiology to prepare for

various phases of the day affected primarily by daylight. BrainLit provides a solution which consists of sensors and algorithms that control lighting, based on the daylight needs of individuals or groups. In practice, BrainLit’s system mimics daylight indoors based on individual needs.

– We use advanced technology in scalable plug-and-play solutions that allows lighting to mimic daylight in order to improve human wellbeing. What we do can make a difference in these worrisome times regarding immune system and other health issues, says BrainLit’s CEO Niclas Olsson.

The company headquarters is located in Lund, in Medicon Village, with subsidiaries and affiliates providing light for health on three continents and growing.

For more information:

Kalle Söderholm, Managing Director at BrainLit Oy, +358 44 2434951
Katja Aalto, founder at Innovation House, +358 400 493304
Mika Sulin, chairman of BrainLit Oy, +358 40 5278101
Niclas Olsson, CEO at BrainLit AB, +46 720 25 55 63

BrainLit was founded in 2012 by Tord Wingren, innovator, a telecoms veteran and one of the creators of Bluetooth. The company is led today by CEO Niclas Olsson supported by a dedicated team including commercial and scientific boards and with a solid base in global patent families. The objective is to spread biocentric lighting around the world to give people, spending majority of time indoors, a healthier life.

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