Dan Löfgren

Dan Löfgren, Head of Project Management at BrainLit, and his team have until today personally overseen and managed every installation of BioCentric Lighting except only two. That means he has supervised dozens of installations, from Hong Kong to New York and back home to Lund in the South of Sweden.

But his days of travelling the world to install BioCentric Lighting are now over. BrainLit is growing too rapidly for even Dan Löfgren to manage the ever increasing number of installations personally on site. Instead, he has developed a remote system where one of BrainLit’s certified local installment partners visits the customer for the physical part of the installation while he supplies the remote configuration through a 4G or 5G network.

Remote installations save time and money

The first remote installation was made in Finland without him leaving his workspace. It was a resounding success and will be followed by many more. Not only does this allow the BrainLit staff to do many more installations, minimizing the time the customer has to wait for the installation – it also saves time and money for the customer. In fact, BrainLit’s comparison to installing a traditional LED/HCL system shows that the remote installation of BioCentric Lighting saves the customer almost 50 percent of the monetary cost – and as much as 88 percent of the time consumed for the customer.

Despite this, Dan Löfgren says he will miss the direct contact with every single BrainLit customer that he had met until then.

–This automation is important both for the economy of the customer and for our environment since it decreases the amount of energy wasted. 

– I have learned so much by visiting our customers myself, much of the coding of the control system has actually been made or changed because of customer input, the personal connection is invaluable.  We are a technology based company in the front line of a vast paradigm shift. As such, we have a challenge to simultaneously be close to our customers and act as knowledge bearers. But me being everywhere at once is simply not scalable enough for our needs, says Dan Löfgren.

As soon as the decision to install BioCentric Lighting is made, Dan Löfgren is in charge of making absolutely certain that everything operates according to the customer’s requests. The standard control system is adapted to the particular requirements so the panel lights, spotlights, control panels and other components function optimally in this particular environment.

Finally, installing both motion detectors and ultrasonic detectors minimize the time the room is empty before the lights adapt and automatically dim themselves, thus conserving as much energy as possible.

– This automation is important both for the economy of the customer and for our environment since it decreases the amount of energy wasted. When we succeed, the customer will never consider the lighting at all. Never turn it on, never turn it off, never think it’s too bright or not bright enough. Just enjoy it, Dan Löfgren explains.

Ensuring customer satisfaction

When the installation is complete, one crucial task remains for Dan Löfgren to make the customer a full enjoyer of BioCentric Lighting: teaching the customer how it works, and even more importantly, why it works. The system itself needs absolutely no handling by the customers once installed, unless they want to demonstrate it or just play around with the different pre-programmed settings. How the technology affects our wellbeing is a much more complicated process.

– At first, many notice the brightness because they are simply not accustomed to being exposed to so many lux indoors. We had a local customer where some employees had a lot of opinions, especially since one of them had an affliction of the eyes that made the light seem dazzling. But two minutes of explanation of how beneficial the light is for our biologies – and some fine tuning of the workplace – turned them into firm enjoyers, Dan Löfgren tells us.

The education part of the BioCentric Lighting experience is now also made available in digital form online. However, not every obstacle can be overcome. When asked of his biggest challenge at BrainLit, Dan Löfgren does not point out how intricate the programming of the first system was, when he did it himself as the fourth full time employee of the company. He instead reminisces about installing BioCentric Lighting at the Swedish consulate in Hong Kong.

– There was this elderly gentleman to whom everyone seemed to defer, but he never spoke to us. Having flown half way around the world to install BioCentric Lighting for this important customer, we were eager to please and nervous about having to fly back to do it all again. Finally finished, we went to lunch – and when we came back, every light was changed around his workplace and his workplace only. I still have no idea what his position was, but if the customer is happy, I’m happy, Dan Löfgren says with a fond smile.

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