Despite the pandemic, dental laboratory Cosmodent in Malmö, Sweden, decided to invest in a new lighting system: BioCentric Lighting from BrainLit. The precise task of finishing artificial crowns, veneers and implants is made easier by the light, while the staff’s health, benefits from the system that recreates the quality, strength and variations of natural daylight indoors.

Every year, CEO Przemek Seweryniak and his staff complete over 10.000 implants, crowns and veneers for customers in Sweden and 16 other countries. Each product is handmade, making the color and fit perfect for the patient’s other teeth. This work is extremely demanding for the dental technicians – and their work environment.

A demanding work environment requires high quality lighting

–I had been looking for better lighting for quite a while and wanted to switch to LED-lights in order to conserve energy. But no-one could provide the high CRI value we needed for this work. After reading about BrainLit in Galore Magazine, I made an appointment. The solution seemed thoroughly well thought out and was provided by a local Swedish company, says Przemek Seweryniak.

BrainLit was founded by Tord Wingren, one of the creators of Bluetooth, with the vision of recreating the quality and dynamics of natural daylight indoors. Our circadian rhythms are synchronized through exposure to natural light, thus spending a majority of our day indoors can be detrimental to human health. Lack of access to quality light can  negatively affect sleep, which in turn can cause several serious medical conditions.

– Having a balanced circadian rhythm is wonderful, being energized in the morning and more relaxed when coming home

Today, BrainLit’s system BioCentric Lighting is used all over the world. One example is the neonatal ward at the hospital of Helsingborg, where prematurely born children and their parents are comforted by the light. BioCentric Lighting is also used by professional sports teams, in control rooms of vital operations, in offices and also at the Swedish consulate in Hong Kong. Cosmodent was the first dental laboratory to install the system, a market which BrainLit CEO Niclas Möttus Olsson finds perfect for BioCentric Lighting.

Improving accuracy and reducing facility costs

–Cosmodent is truly utilizing every function of the system. The tasks are made easier for the staff because they can see better, their health improves while their circadian rhythms are no longer disrupted by the unnatural light present in almost every workspace today, and the company saves money on the electrical bill compared to their current, energy consuming fluorescent lights. All kinds of dentistry, and all other healthcare, can benefit tremendously by installing BioCentric Lighting, Niclas Möttus Olsson says.

Indeed, Przemek Seweryniak could tell the difference as soon as his first electrical bill arrived after switching from the old fluorescent lights. But the biggest difference was the improved ability to manage daily working tasks.

 –We no longer get interference from shadows while working with paintbrushes and 3D paint where every layer is a couple of hundred my thick. Instead we have a lot of light without getting dry eyes. And having a balanced circadian rhythm is wonderful, being energized in the morning and more relaxed when coming home, instead of feeling stressed out like before, says Przemek Seweryniak.

But he can’t tell whether Cosmodent installing BioCentric Lighting makes him sleep better.

–No, I have a newborn at home so I really can’t say anything about sleep, Przemek Seweryniak laughs.

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