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Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) club Jokerit is one of the first sport customers to install BioCentric Lighting™ by Swedish company BrainLit AB inside their dressing rooms. The BioCentric Lighting™ system provides athletes a range of performance advantages in training, game preparation and recovery.

As one of the leading European hockey clubs, Jokerit is always eager to find innovative ways to enhance their player performance through state-of-the-art equipment and technology within its training facility and arena. Their management and coaches view BrainLit as a natural way to maximize performance for their athletes.

Alleviates jetlag for athletes

– The importance of recovery in top sports is extremely high and we always want to provide our players with the best possible conditions for success. With new technology, we are able to ease the stress that players face over a long period of time. KHL travels between different time zones, so there is a lot of strain on games and practice as well. With BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting ™ system, we return faster and it has immediately made a positive impact on players,” says Jari Kurri, chairman of Jokerit.

– We believe that BrainLit will quickly become a standard, a ”must have” -technology for elite level sports venues around the globe.

BrainLit’s solutions mimics natural daylight to offer positive effects on circadian rhythms in individual athletes. BioCentric Lighting™uses sensors and lighting recipes, based on the daylight needs of individuals, work groups or sports teams. Recently, BrainLit AB launched its new Finnish subsidiary BrainLit Sport to enter the global sports market and introduce a unique platform.

A must-have in training facilities

– We believe that BrainLit will quickly become a standard, a ”must have” -technology for elite level sports venues around the globe. This will be an essential piece of architecture of any world-class sport training facility, arena or stadium, notes Mika Sulin, Chairman of the Board at BrainLit Oy, the Finnish subsidiary managing the sports and fitness sector for BrainLit. 

Natural light is the most important external synchronizer for the circadian rhythms in the human body. Research suggests that a balanced circadian rhythm has a favorable impact on human performance, particularly improving sleep quality, alertness, immune strength, energy and general wellbeing. There is a rapidly growing interest within sports industry in the use of light to improve athletic performance.

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