Ilves, Nokia Arena

The competition for ice hockey domination of Tampere have become even tougher as the new training facilities and changing rooms of two teams, Tappara and Ilves, was commissioned at the end of 2021 for the opening of Nokia Arena. This is the sports centre of the future, where high-quality sports facilities and modern construction technology meet.  BrainLit’s Biocentric lighting is seamlessly connected to other high-tech solutions. It is part of a whole ecosystem in which cutting-edge technology has been used to create unprecedented experiences.

Discover how players and coaches of Ilves benefit from the Biocentric lighting installation at Nokia Arena.

A smart solution for all users

BrainLit’s unique lighting solution was a unanimous choice by the users of the various premises in the arena, including operators, property maintenance and its owner. The effects of the light are evident in the well-being and performance of its day-to-day users, whilst also creating a value for the owners of the property.

Biocentric lighting in the Ilves gym in Nokia Arena

How Ilves benefits from Biocentric lighting

Ilves want to ensure the well-being and performance of both players and coaches. BrainLit’s Biocentric lighting adds a boost to demanding situations. It contributes to ensuring that the players perform better which in turn helps attract higher audience numbers.

BrainLit solutions integrate seamlessly into arena building automation. Effortless installation, high automation and security of supply ensure that the solution works as part of the arena’s technology and data platforms.

Office space at Ilves training facilities in Nokia Arena

From the perspective of the arena owner, Biocentric lighting is also a tool to increase the appeal of the property. Nokia Arena is designed with a comprehensive use of data platforms, to optimize the building’s energy consumption through smart use of technology. This helps create an unprecedented customer experience in sustainable ways.

So which team will dominate ice hockey in Tampere? One thing is for certain – that the performance of both Ilves and Tappara will have a great boost on their journey to become the next champions.

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