Sehlhall chooses BioCentric Lighting for nursing homes, schools and group housing

Real estate company Sehlhall Fastigheter, whose chairman is former Swedish Minister for finance Anders Borg, has decided to install BioCentric Lighting by BrainLit in its real estate. The intention is to improve the working and living environment for staff, school children and residents.

–This is an amazing technology, based on thorough research providing a number of advantages. Being indoors most of the day not only makes people tired and fatigued but can also cause serious health issues. We would like to remedy this by equipping our premises with recreated daylight, Sehlhall Fastigheter CEO Dan T. Sehlberg says.

Sehlhall Fastigheter was founded in 2019 by Dan T. Sehlberg and Petter Hallenberg, when their previous company Svenska Vårdfastigheter (Swedish Care Real Estate) had been purchased by Magnolia Bostad. Among the investors in Sehlhall are the chairman of the board of AB Volvo Carl-Henric Svanberg, WM-Data founder Thord Wilkne and others. The company develops and manages nursing homes, group housing and school buildings.

The first installation of BioCentric Lighting has been made at the HQ of Sehlhall in Stockholm and this spring the construction of a preschool building equipped with BioCentric Lighting starts in the nearby city of Norrtälje.

–We know that the occupations of Sehlhall Fastigheter will benefit from utilizing BioCentric Lighting. Thanks to the system, energy is increased during the day and sleep improved during the night. We are happy and grateful for the opportunity to help so many people to feel better every day, BrainLit CEO Niclas Möttus Olsson says.

BioCentric Lighting is installed at Sony in Lund, at the neonatal ward of Helsingborg hospital, SOS Alarm in Stockholm and in Malmö Arena for the SHL ice hockey team Malmö Redhawks. The system has also been installed for international customers such as the Swedish consulate in Hong Kong and the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York.

For more information, please contact:

Natasha Bromberg, Press contact, Sehlhall Fastigheter

Phone: +46 76 100 91 35


Niclas Olsson, CEO BrainLit

Tel: + 46 720 255 263


About BrainLit

BrainLit was founded in Lund in 2012 by Tord Wingren, one of the creators of the Bluetooth technology. The company provides healthy environments by recreating daylight and generating personally adapted light indoors. Currently, the company has established BioCentric Lighting™ environments for more than 15.000 persons at customers all over the world. BrainLit is a growth-focused company and has 25 employees with HQ in Lund and subsidiaries in New York and Helsinki. BioCentric Lighting™, the foundation of the company’s solutions, is based on well-established research and a number of patent groups.

About Sehlhall Fastigheter

Sehlhall Fastigheter is the new community developer of Sweden. Sehlhall creates and manages modern, sustainable facility-based long term care real estate, by putting people at the center. Sweden is facing demographic challenges with a growing deficit of different community services such as preschools, schools, group housing and nursing homes. With its knowledge, experience and dedication Selhall Fastigheter would like to eliminate the deficit.

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