Energizing Athletes with BioCentric Lighting

Passion, drive and positive attitude are key ingredients of success in sports. They are particularly important for professional athletes and teams who live and breathe for winning. Behind every team, there is the team management whose key task is to do anything in their power to ensure that both the individual athletes and the team has the best training facilities, technology and expertise needed to ensure and optimize their performance. That calls for commercial expertise and building sustainable business practices.

During the past weeks the BrainLit team has been in close discussions with both athletes and team management. Our partnership with European Hockey League is moving forward and the preparation for the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships has started. At the same time, we are learning a lot about professional football – thanks to our newest team member Pasi Lankinen who has an impressive career in sports management.

Passion for sustainable success in sports

The BrainLitTM  team is committed to energizing athletes with the Biocentric LightingTM solutions based on our unique technology. The first installations in Tampere Arena and the Finnish Sports Academy in Vierumäki are proving the positive impact on the athlete and the team performance. At the same time, we are working hard to understand the impact on the business side. And that’s where Pasi’s expertise comes handy.

The COVID-19 hit the experience industries hard. As a result, many teams are struggling financially. In the long term the sports industry’s performance is based on the team performance and the management ability to support the team by understanding what it takes to make a team successful – also commercially.

Pasi’s background is valuable in positioning the BrainLit Biocentric LightingTM technology in the strategic core of professional team management. His 20+ years of experience with FC Barcelona and City Football Club in roles like the club membership and partnership program management, sponsoring, marketing and business development, business intelligence and digital services provide unique insights for taking new tools and technologies into use.

As a member of the BrainLit team and through his own sports consulting agency, Pasi is supporting sports properties in improving sponsorship effectiveness. That includes strategy, marketing and commercial areas, advising teams on how to target the sports market and brands on how to achieve their business objectives in sports sponsorship and sports business -related activities.

Energizing athletes and building sustainable sports business

We are energized and excited. And so are our customers: The “BrainLit powered” Finnish teams Tappara and Ilves finished the season as the 1st and the 3rd in the Finnish Ice-Hockey League and are proceeding to the final rounds. The deal with European Hockey League is igniting exciting discussions with the ice hockey teams across Europe. Furthermore, Pasi’s experience and expertise in professional football are opening new doors and discussions.

The proven impact of light in performance is in the discussions and focus of many teams as we speak. Is your team one of them? And if not – what are you going to do about it?

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