Alven FAQ


Alven delivers the same Biocentric lighting performance as our customized solutions, just in a free-standing form. So instead of installing an entire Biocentric lighting system in a room, you can assemble and plug in Alven on your own and immediately receive the benefits of Biocentric lighting.

Biocentric lighting provides many benefits for individuals, freelancers and large organizations in various industries. Alven can also be a multi-user system by creating accounts and downloading the BrainLit app.

Alven on wheels has the same functionality and appearance as Alven, with added wheels on the foot. The wheels make it easier to move Alven, which is suitable for environments where the interiors change often, or when several users want to use the light.


Download our Quick Guide for installation instructions.

BrainLit Alven is easy to use. Download our User Manual for all the information you need, or watch the How to Use video.

You should position the Alven so that the light falls comfortably into your eyes. To avoid discomfort, do not look directly into the light. We recommend that you use the AutoLit recipe as a standard. For more examples, please see our Alven Placement Guide.


Once you have downloaded the BrainLit app, you will be asked to create an account.

Please follow the instructions in the BrainLit app to reset your username or password.

You do not have to create an account to use Alven, but you will lose many benefits if you do not use the BrainLit app and create an account. Among other benefits, the app and account allow you to:

  • Control the light from the app via bluetooth
  • Control the light from the app via Wi-Fi remotely, even without bluetooth coverage
  • Get future software updates for the functionality of your Alven including light recipe updates

We comply with all GDPR requirements when we handle your personal data. For more information, we refer to our privacy policy.


Your purchase includes all parts of the free-standing system (foot, post, luminaire, and wheels when buying Alven on wheels), tools and screws for mounting the Alven and access to the BrainLit app. A quick guide with assembly instructions is also attached to your parcel.

Yes, Alven has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase or delivery (if they are different).

In Sweden, we offer Visa, Master, Maestro, Klarna, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express.


Delivery within Sweden can vary between 1-5 working days. For questions about your delivery, please contact us.

We deliver with UPS.
Alven is sent to you in three separate boxes. Box 1 contains the luminaire, power cable and tools for mounting; Box 2 includes the Alven pole and Box 3 includes the Alven foot. When buying Alven on wheels, a fourth box with wheels is included.

The delivery cost depends on your purchase, see below for details.
When buying 1 Alven: SEK 595.
When buying> 2 Alven: 995 SEK.
When buying> 3 Alven: 1295 SEK.

We deliver in Sweden or North America only on orders placed via these shops.
For international delivery, please get a quote.


You have the right to a 14-day right of withdrawal after your goods have been delivered. We also offer 30-day returns provided that your Alven is unused and in its original packaging.

To request a return, please contact and label your email with return and your order number.

No, we apply shipping cost for returns.


If you have difficulty connecting your Alven to a WiFi network, try moving it closer to your nearest WiFi access point / router and turn the Alven so that the keypad is facing it.

Your Alven is probably set to Relax mode. Select AutoLit mode in the BrainLit app or follow the operating instructions to set your Alven to AutoLit mode.